Automatic Control Systems by Benjamin C kuo

Authors :

Benjamin C Kuo


Book Description

“Automatic Control Systems by Kuo” is written with the readers in mind and is very suitable for self-study. The objective of the writers is to treat subjects clearly and thoroughly. The book does not use the theorem-proof-Q.E.D. style and is without heavy mathematics. The authors have consulted extensively for wide sectors of the industry for many years and have
participated in solving numerous control-systems problems, from aerospace systems to industrial controls, automotive controls, and control of computer peripherals. Although it is difficult to adopt all the details and realism of practical problems in a textbook at this level, some examples and problems reflect simplified versions of real-life systems.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mathematical Foundation
  3. Block Diagrams and Signal-Flow Graphs
  4. Theoretical Foundation and Background
    Material: Modeling of Dynamic Systems
  5. Time-Domain Analysis of Control Systems
  6. The Control Lab
  7. Root Locus Analysis
  8. Frequency-Domain Analysis
  9. Design of Control Systems
  10. State Variable Analysis.

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