Applied Thermodynamics By P K Nag PDF

Title: Basic And Applied Thermodynamics

Author: P K Nag
Pages : 975

Size : 42 MB

About This Book:- 

P K Nag is a distinguished author and written many books and published various research papers beside this thermodynamics masterpiece “Applied Thermodynamic P K Nag” and this one is very popular among students and faculties. In this book, you can find the in-depth knowledge of a particular topic, which author tried to teach in a very simple and lucid language.
The second most important thing about this book is that it is a complete package for academics as well as competitive examinations because there are numbers of numerical, solved examples as well as multiple choice questions to clear all your concepts in an interesting way. It is a must have for GATE & IES aspirants.

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Let’s go through the topics covered in Applied Thermodynamics By P K Nag 

  1. Introduction 
  1. Temperature 
  1. Work and heat transfer 
  1. First law of thermodynamics 
  1. First law applied to flow process 
  1. Second law of thermodynamics 
  1. Available energy and irreversibility 
  1. Properties of pure substance 
  1. Properties of gasses and gas mixtures 
  1. Thermodynamic equilibrium and third law 
  1. Vapor power cycles 
  1. Gas power cycles 
  1. Refrigeration cycles 
  1. Psychrometrics 
  1. Reactive systems 
  1. Compressible fluid flow 
  1. Statistical Thermodynamics 
  2. Irreversible Thermodynamics 
  3. Kinetic theory of gasses 
  4. Transport process in gasses

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