Anubhav Jain (IIT Kharagpur) Engineering 2nd Year Notes

Anubhav Jain Notes

Title: Anubhav Jain Engineering Notes

Author: Anubhav Jain

Notes Description:

Anubhav jain is a fourth-year computer science engineering student enrolled in IIT Kharagpur. He is the topper of his engineering branch from the first year to till now and he is known for his beautifully written classroom notes.

Anubhav jain never misses any class and notes down everything using combination of black, blue and red pens which you’ll see in his notes.

The subjects for the 3rd semester include: Click on the name of the subjects to download PDF.

Discrete Structure

Algorithms 1

EC Lab Records

Introduction to electronics

Signals and Networks

Symbolic Logic

SigNet Lab Records

Name of the subjects may vary institution to institution, please go through the notes once to get the full picture.