All About Allstate Homeowners Insurance [Review]

Allstate Insurance has the most enviable reputation in car insurance among all the insurance products it has on offer. In case of home insurance, it is known for its wide reach, range of insurance products and large number of local agents.

Allstate home insurance covers homes, apartments, condos and mobile homes. They also offer additional coverage options as well. A few of these are:

  • Scheduled property coverage which covers valuables against theft or damage.
  • Water backup coverage, in case the sump pump or drain backs up and causes water damage.
  • Green improvement, in case of additional cost of upgrading to energy-efficient items for replacement after a claim.
  • Loss-of-use compensation – which is the amount paid to you if the home becomes unlivable when it is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Electronic data recovery, for cost of acquiring lost or stolen computer data.
  • Identity theft restoration, to cover legal fees, and other costs in case identity is stolen.
  • HostAdvantage: In case the property is destroyed or damaged by the renters, then it pays out to recover these.


Allstate provides good and comprehensive coverage which are competitively priced, or in fact they are the cheapest. The company offers several discounts such as multi-policy, online pay, claims-free, home security, early signing and new customer. It offers discounts for retirees, which is 10% to those above 55 years of age. It offers the best coverage per dollar of premium paid. However, the agents are not very knowledgeable, so it is vital that you find out someone who is knowledgeable.