All About the Hartford Home Insurance [Review]

The Hartford Insurance Company was founded in 1801 and is one of America’s oldest insurance companies. Besides having other types of insurance such as for Automobile and life; Hartford also covers homeowners, and property and liability coverage. It has a wide range of home insurance products and has also partnered with AARP to provide homeowners insurance to the members. Its policies include Condo insurance, Renters insurance, Umbrella insurance, Flood insurance etc.
Under its Home Advantage and Home Advantage Plus Insurance packages, the additional features that it provides include the following:
– Identity fraud coverage: In case you are a victim of identity fraud by scamster, Hartford will cover the expenses up to $50,000.
– Replacement of locks: In case your house keys are lost or stolen, Hartford pays up to $500 to reimburse the cost involved in installing new locks. This kicks in after a $100 deductible.
– New items for old: Hartford pays the replacement cost of items which are stolen or damaged irrespective of the condition or age of the items.
– Reduced deductible: In case you don’t file any claim for three years your deductibles get reduced by $50.
– Equipment Protection Advantage: Hartford helps in cost of repair or replacement in case an appliance breaks down in course of normal use.
– For jewelry the valuable items payout limit has been raised to $10,000 in case these are lost, damaged or stolen.

The Hartford Insurance also offers several additional options for homeowners, including:
1. Full Replacement Cost – The specialized policies pay anything from 125 to 150 % of the coverage. This is because they give you the full cost to rebuild your home in case disaster strikes. It is not the nominal cost of the home or its insured value but full replacement cost.
2. ProtectorPlus Zero Deductible – This feature is great for saving your money in case of deductibles. The insurance company waives off the deductible up to $5,000, in case the claim made exceeds $27,500.
3. Green Rebuilding – The Hartford Insurance company promotes Green initiatives that protects the environment. It encourages you to use environmentally friendly materials and methods to repair your home after it has been damaged. This feature enhances the policy limits to 105 more, so that you can be helped to cover the extra costs, if any.
4. In case during the repairs or rebuilding of the home, you need to stay elsewhere, you’re your expenses of hotel stay, food and incidentals are covered. Moreover, in case you had a family member who needs to stay in an assisted living care facility, then there is coverage for such eventualities too.
5. Mobile App – The mobile pp is very effective and useful. It helps you in paying your premiums, track your pending claims, view your policy, see your electronic auto ID card and do lot more; such as call for roadside assistance, locate a repair shop or file a claim online.