All About Amica Homeowners Insurance

Amica isn’t among the nation’s largest insurers, but this company is mighty in terms of customer satisfaction ratings. If you want insurance policies with built-in perks that you can bundle together for a discount, give Amica a look.

Amica Mutual is a lesser known and less popular brand, but it gives awesome advantages to the policyholder members.

First of all, it is different from other companies. It was founded in 1907 and the unique thing about this company is that it is owned by its policyholders! Yes, you read that right; it is not shareholders but policyholders. So what it means is, as a policyholder you not only get the coverage you paid for with your premiums; but in case the company generates surplus or profits, you also get premium.

No wonder it has an entirely different approach when it comes to insurance rates, customer services, the coverage provided, the claims process etc. No wonder Amica Mutual is always rated very high as a home insurance provider in JD Power surveys frequently..

Some of the advantages you get with Amica Mutual are:

  • Attractive benefits and discounts for bundling home insurance policies with auto insurance.
  • Good customer support through phone or online.
  • Particularly attractive for the new generation home owners who do not look for much face-to-face contact with agents.
  • In JD Power’s surveys for home insurance, it is consistently rated very high on several parameters.
  • The company pays up to 20% percent interest in case of surpluses every year. Your annual dividends are a great way to save money on insurance costs.

Amica’s home insurance business is about six decades old, which is much less than others; but it has always tried to lead in services offered to its customers.

They also offer better rates to customers with good credit scores and a clean claim history.

One point to note is that Amica does not offer home insurance products in Alaska and Hawaii.

In the 2017 J.D. Power Homeowners Insurance Survey, Amica topped the survey with five-str ratings on all the survey parameters. What is more, it has been consistently doing this for the past decades and half. In such a competitive industry, it is definitely amazing to see Amica doing it year after year.