Advanced Google Searching – A Guide to Better Google Search Techniques

Google, the most powerful search engine has made the internet look so easy, isn’t it?

For most of the people today, internet starts with Google. There are many things behind its popularity such as simple interface, intelligent algorithm and search speed. Also Google provides a lot of search filters to make the search results as accurate as possible.

Beside all these, there are many hidden search techniques to make searching on Google more fun. If you are an advanced internet geek, you might know some of these tricks but most of the Google users are unaware of these search techniques.

So, here I am going to enlist some of the best Google Search Techniques that will surely help you to search smarter. These techniques will increase your productivity by saving a lot of time in making online searches. Let’s go ahead.

1. Open and Stop regional redirects

When you open, Google redirects users to country specific domain such as, If you want global search result, you will have to use . Just type and now search whatever you want, you will not be redirected.

2. Search within specific website

If you want to read specific article on a particular website, write the address of that site and type a word or sentence related to the article. For example: education .

or education gives you almost same results.

Doing so will not require you to search much. The one you want to find will automatically come to the top of the search results.

3. Find Particular File Type (File Format)

This beautiful search technique will let you find files of a particular format. Taking an example: If you enter search query as filetype:pdf paris agreement , results will be PDF documents on the given topic Paris Agreement.

4. Search for Pages with Specific Title

If you are searching for a title or URL then you will have to write intitle: write the words that you have to find. For Example: intitle:bermuda triangle shows only the results having “Bermuda Triangle” in their Title.

5. Find Similar Websites

If you want to find similar websites, then enter the name of the site after typing related: 

Example: , results will be rival websites with similar contents or items.

6. Online Google Calculators

You can type expressions in search bar directly, like 5%100+62-53 give result as 14. You can also type “Calculator” , that opens up calculator.

There is also a tip calculator function. Search “Tip Calculator” , you can see the screenshot below.

7. Know Exact Time, Convert Units & Currencies

Type exact time to know the exact time of the location in which you are.

If you want to know time of a particular country, type Time and the name of that country. For example Time US 

And to covert units and currencies; type in search bar like this:

50cm in inches

$50 in euros

8. Convert Number to Words

You can also convert small to large numbers in words. Taking an example: 7541628 in words or 7541628 = English gives the result as “seven million five hundred forty-one thousand six hundred twenty-eight”.

9. Know Your IP Address

Typing ip address in Google search bar tells your ip address. Here 2405:205:4003:d768:b4c9 is my computer’s ip address. Google uses the same ip address to give you local results.

10. Online Stopwatch & Timer

Use Google for Stopwatch by typing Stopwatch and Timer for timer.  For example: If I type Stopwatch , there is an online Stopwatch in front of me with necessary options.

That was 10 best Google search techniques I know by far. If you find something more interesting, please let me know in the comment section below.