5 Awesome Gmail Features to Organize Your Internet Life

Nowadays, almost everyone uses Gmail,  it is not only a Gmail account but their identity too. Whether you have to do shopping online or make a digital payment, email id is necessary in every case.

But there are so many interesting features of Gmail account, which you probably do not know or use. Here, I am going to make you aware of those features, which you might need anytime.

1.  Block an email – If someone is annoying you again and again and you are wondering how to get rid of those unwanted emails. Now its time to block that email id.

Just follow the below steps:

  1. To use “Block Sender” feature, open that email you want to block.
  2. There is a arrow sign on the right hand side of the email.
  3. Select the arrow and there you will find ” Block Sender” option, click that.

2. DETAILS : This feature of Gmail is much desirable and beneficial to everyone. Using this, you can know that when and where your Gmail account was logged on. You can also find the IP address of recent logins.

If you are logged in more than one device, you can simply sign out from all the other devices in just one click. Here “sign out all session” option is present; also password can be changed from here using the same “DETAILS” option.

When you open the Gmail account, you can find the “DETAILS” option in the extreme bottom right corner.

A pop up box will appear, Click the “Sign Out All Other Web Sessions” button.

3. Right side chat box: In Gmail, the chat bar is on the left side, but you can move on to the right side.

Just go to settings for it. Select the Labs tab here and enable the Chat option on the bottom right side.

Then, click “Save Changes” button at the extreme bottom.

4. Desktop Notifications: If you are working on any other software, but you want to receive notifications of every incoming email in Gmail, this can also be done.

Simply go to the settings of Gmail and scroll down to the first of the General tab.

The desktop notification option will be available below. Enabling it will change the service.

5. Undo Sent Email : 

You can also stop sent email in Gmail. There is an option to enable  “undo” feature in your Gmail setting.

Go to Settings to enable the undo feature in Gmail.

Select the General tab there, where you will an option to ‘undo send’ on scrolling down.

All you have to do is enable it, undo feature will be activated. You can set a undo time between 5-30 seconds, it lets you unsend email till the chosen cancellation period.

Still struggling to enable ” undo” option? Check this to enable “undo send” step by step with images. 

How to Unsend Emails with Gmail Account