12 Highly Useful YouTube Shortcuts You Need to Know

Youtube, being the most popular video sharing destination has many interesting features, many of us are unaware of. There are many such keyboard shortcuts, with the help of which you can control the YouTube video without touching the mouse?

These important shortcuts save you a lot of time and make you feel like a pro user. With keyboard shortcuts, you can do many other things including pause, forward, reverse and many more things. Let’s look into them.

Note: These shortcuts will only work when the video player is in focus.

Volume control:

Arrow buttons on the keyboard can be very useful to you during watching YouTube videos. With the up arrow button (↑), you can increase the volume while to decrease the volume, press the down arrow(↓). Now you must be thinking that if you want to mute? Just press a button ‘M’, the video will be muted.

Play and Pause:

The ‘K‘ key also make it to YouTube shortcut list. With this help, you can play and pause the video. Mostly,  people use the space bar, but you can also do this task using the ‘K‘ key.

10 seconds forward and back:

J‘ and ‘L‘ keys can be used for this purpose. If you want to forward a video for 10 seconds, you can press the ‘J‘ button. For 10 seconds back, you can use the ‘L‘ button.

5 seconds forward and back:

If you want to forward and back any video for less time, the arrow buttons on the keyboard can prove to be useful for you. The left arrow to back, while the right arrow to forward.

Forward and back in slow motion:

If you want to watch a video in Super Slow Motion, you can do this without a mouse. First, you have to stop the video by pressing the ‘K‘ of the keyboard. After this, if you keep pressing ‘dot‘ continuously, the video will be forwarded then in slow motion, while continuous pressing of ‘comma‘ in slow motion will result in backward slow motion.

Remember that you have to press the buttons continuously for slow motion. If you press these keys without any interval, this will lead to fast forwarding and back.

Use of tab:

The tab button is also very useful. While watching videos, it will help you in the selection of features like, once you click on the play button, now you have to go to the pause button, click the tab, pause selection will be done. You can just stop the video by pressing the enter button.

Similarly, you can got to further tabs by tapping the tab button, such as Play, Pause, Volume, Full Screen, After selecting any feature, it can be used only by pressing Enter.

Back Selection:

If you want to select the back features instead of the next, use Shift+tab. First press shift than tab, the features behind these will be selected and enter can be used for action.

Fast Forward:

1-9 buttons are also added with a great feature if you press 1, the video will forward by 10%. Similarly, press 4 for 40% forward, 5 button to 50 and 9 buttons to 90%.

Zero to restart:

 You can use the Zero key to restart the video being played or the finished video.

Full screen with the F key:

Press the ‘F‘ button for full-screen mode, while the same button will work to exit from full-screen mode. “Escape” key can also be used for exit.

Play previously played video:

Simply use “Shift+P”  to play the previously played video.

How to Remember?

While these features are optional but made for you to use YouTube smartly. These are the easiest shortcuts, using 2-3 times and a little practice may save you a lot of time.

If you know any other Youtube shortcut, share with us in the comment section below.